Top Priorities

Creating Economic Opportunity and Jobs

Despite a high rate of employment, Hoosiers are still feeling the pain in their pocketbooks.  Amy will work to bring good paying jobs to the district; we can’t settle for poverty level wages. Additionally, she will help with training opportunities so that local residents can compete for jobs and transition into new careers.

Small businesses in the area are under immense stress in today’s age.   Amy will fight for small businesses to ensure they have the necessary resources to locate and remain in the area.

Improving Our Education System

Amy will be a consistent and vocal advocate for a strong public school system. The Statehouse is prioritizing the needs of private schools while our public schools struggle.  Schoolchildren are the future of this country, so we must ensure Indiana’s public schools are able to offer them a quality education. 

At the heart of every school are the teachers who dedicate themselves to the profession. Indiana cannot continue to lose top quality teachers to other states. Amy will make it a priority to help raise teacher salaries to keep up with cost of living increases.

Expanding Health Care Coverage

As a former Emergency Medical Technician and YMCA staff member, health care is important to Amy. Indiana continues to rank among the lowest-performing states on measures of health status and health care systems. 

At the Statehouse, Amy will fight for access to quality health care. No one should have to go bankrupt in order to pay their medical bills.

Better health outcomes are related to timely and affordable health care, and that's what Amy will work towards in the state legislature.

Fighting for Hoosier Veterans

The daughter of a World War II veteran, Amy is proud of and thankful for the service of our Hoosier veterans. 

From physical and mental health challenges to difficulties receiving their benefits, veterans throughout our district and state face immense challenges. We must take care of our veterans, just as they took care of us. 

Revamping Indiana's Infrastructure

It’s time to bring our infrastructure up to 21st century standards. In the legislature, Amy will support measures that reinvest in Indiana. Infrastructure investment not only boosts local economies, but also creates Hoosier jobs. 

In addition to roads, Amy will advocate for an expansion of rural broadband access, which spurs job growth and job creation. Rural broadband access will give our schools and health care providers the ability to transmit data and communicate information quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.

Keeping Communities Safe & Healthy

Amy understands that Indiana is in a drug addiction crisis and should invest in treatment.  Studies show that every dollar spent on substance abuse treatment saves $4 in health care costs and $7 in law enforcement and other criminal justice costs. Not only is treatment the best path for Hoosiers, but it also turns around communities, improves family cohesiveness, increases employment rates and saves taxpayers from costly criminal actions.

As the wife of a sheriff, Amy knows that our local law enforcement agencies need more resources. She supports modernizing police equipment and continuing training to keep officers safe while they protect and serve our communities